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Project Proposal

Project Information

Project Time-frame: 2003/10/15 to 2003/1/31
Summary: Matching projects initiators and unemployed human resources
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Background and Motivation

What is the setting and history behind this project?
There are numerous Project Management System on the market as standalone application or web services. But none integrates the whole aspect of a real life project that operates in every day economy. As the video games are now played on the net, why not play a real game with concrete and common realisation in the civil society ? This is a real need nowadays as we are submerge by information, paradoxically people are more and more isolated. The more resources are available, the more such a tool should would be useful.
What is the problem to be addressed?
There are more and more unemployed and qualified users that can get connected on the net. A person hasn't always contact and opportunities to get involved in a job. Perhaps in the same building she could match with someone else who needs her qualification and get him start on a project that he knows or yet work on. This project addresses this issue.
What are some current approaches to this problem?
Users can subscribe to specialized site and fill a profile that is matched towards enterprises references calls for job. But this is a static and binary way to find job. This project grabs for user the multidimensional aspects of a real project, not just finding a job.
Why is this problem worth solving or worth solving better?
There are several added values with this project:
  • User can choose a project, not only be choosen.
  • Independance from a major service provider: all participants are peers joining a group.
  • Confidentiality: only the Project Initiator who leads the realisation, knows the description of a Project Worker.
  • Security: no one outside the Project Group can know about it.
  • The critical mass effect increases the chances to activate a project
  • .
  • Being based on P2P technology, it is auto-scalable
Where is there more information on this problem?
The following pages provide additional background and motivation:


What is the goal of this project?
The project will produce an internet application running on a peer that is booted on the ProjectNet. ProjectNet is a special peer that furnish the minimum services needed for this internet P2P application.
What are the defining features and benefits of this product?
  • Framework for browsing projects and subscribe to one of interest. Collaborative tools such as chat, content management system for sharing resources, distributed database, xml editing facilities for documents creation with predefined models.
  • The liberty the user has to choose a role from those available: one can be Project initiator, or Project Worker.
  • The application will use cryptography mecanisms and Membership service with authentification for maximum security.
  • The fact it uses the Java JVM and JXTA layer, allows the application to be used on any devices supporting this technology.
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